Dental sedation helps children feel calm and less anxious about dental procedures, especially when they are having more extensive work done. Dr. Willie M. Hardie, of Hardie Dentistry for Kids in Vancouver, Washington, is an experienced and caring pediatric dentist. Dr. Hardie and his team use safe and gentle forms of sedation to help your child feel less anxious and fearful, and more relaxed during dental procedures. If your child is nervous about going to the dentist, the patient-centered team at Hardie Dentistry for Kids can help put them at ease. Call the office or schedule an appointment for your child online.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What types of sedation are available for my child’s dental procedures?

There are a couple different types of in-office sedation that Dr. Hardie and his team use to help calm the nerves of his young patients.

Nitrous oxide — or laughing gas — is a mild sedative and the most non-intrusive form of sedation. It works rather quickly and wears off just as easily, keeping your child awake but relaxed.

General anesthesia puts your child to sleep during the dental procedure and takes a little longer to wear off afterward.

How does dental sedation work?

The team at Hardie Dentistry for Kids delivers nitrous oxide to your child via a mask. Children easily breathe in a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide, and in about five minutes, they experience euphoria and relaxation.

Once they’re calm and happy, the team can perform other necessary procedures, including administering a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

For more complicated or lengthier dental work, Dr. Hardie may recommend general anesthesia. Your child receives the anesthetic intravenously, usually through a vein on the back of their hand.

Under general anesthesia, your child goes to sleep during the entire procedure and doesn’t feel pain or discomfort.

How do I prepare my child for sedation during dental work?

First, a Hardie Dentistry team member meets with you and your child to explain the procedure, the type of sedation your child will have, and to address any concerns.

Depending on whether your child needs nitrous oxide or general anesthesia, you may receive instructions on what to do before the scheduled appointment, such as:

  • Food and drink restrictions
  • Wearing loose, comfortable clothing for the appointment
  • Providing your child’s full medical history and any medications being taken

It’s important to follow any instructions your Hardie Dentistry provider gives you before sedation dentistry to ensure your child’s safety.

A member of the dental team also monitors your child’s breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure during the entire procedure, so you can both feel assured of their health and well-being. They may also request your presence as your child wakes up after general anesthesia.

Dr. Hardie and the caring team at Hardie Dentistry for Kids understand that you and your child may be concerned or fearful about dental visits. As a child-centered dental team, they’re there to help make each visit as pleasant as possible.

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