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Your Child's First Visit

A warm welcome from Dr. Hardie and his pediatric dental team! We want your child’s experience with us to be a positive, informative, and comfortable one. 

You and your child should expect to:

1. To prepare you for your visit to the dentist, please fill out our patient forms and bring them with you to your appointment.

2. Please be on time for your scheduled appointment, this time has been specifically reserved for you. We want to use that full amount of time to meet your child's dental needs.

3. Allow your child to establish a rapport with his/her new dentist and experience the dental office with no preconceived ideas. What a child is told before the appointment can have a great effect on their behavior. Parents may need to be silent observers during the appointment. Avoid words like "shot, hurt, or drill," rather say, "The dentist will be gentle and kind."

4. Our dental team will explain what will happen at the appointment. Just relax and enjoy your visit.

5. Express your concerns to Dr. Hardie.

6. A complete and thorough dental examination and x-rays (if needed) will be done at the first appointment. No dental treatment will be done at the first visit unless there is an emergency. This gives us the opportunity to discuss treatment options and concerns and together decide on the optimal treatment for your child.

7. If your child does cry or is uncooperative, please do not overreact. Dr. Hardie and his team have advanced training in working with children and can best handle the situation.

8. We provide financial arrangement options for treatment.

If you have further questions, please view our Pediatric Dental FAQs page under the Resources tab.

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